Parse as markdown with URL

When one selects text on a web page, then copies it, pasting it in Obsidian pastes links in the text of the web page as text.

To get those links one has to go back to the web page to get the URL of the link in the text.

It would be nice if with pasting the original selection it would be more efficient if one has the option to paste the text with the URL included.

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They should also do this with text formatting, such as bold, italic, and also lists.

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Agreed. Perhaps all that could be part of “parse as markdown” options.

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@Klaas Have you tried any of this:

I use the Roam highlighter for Obs, but to me having to use an extension is a workaround.

I am a fan of this Firefox/Chrome extension. You can right-click anything in the webpage and select Copy as markdown, then paste into Obsidian.

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@sam.baron: yes, that’s the kind of thing I was looking for, much better, for me anyway, than Roam Highlighter or Markdown Web Clipper. Many thanks for that.

Note: in macOS the pasting in Obs needs to be done from the menu: Edit > Paste and Match Style.

If you have the authority you can close this feature request.