Pages in multiple languages

Use case or problem

I would like to make at least some of my pages in Obsidian exist in multiple languages, but still be considered a single page, with only one language shown at a time.

In my case this is just out of personal interest and/or for fun, but I imagine for published (parts of) vaults, it could be useful to help reach a bigger audience.

Proposed solution

I would prefer a solution that allows something like a toggle or a drop-down menu to select between each language in which a page is translated. There would be an option to add a particular language. The translation would be provided by the user(s) themselves, and the page would count as the same single page for each language, so that the same links and tags still apply to it.

Perhaps it could even be possible to have translations for individual sections or paragraphs (similar to how one can link to them). In some cases, like when providing quotes from other languages, this could be quite useful.

Current workaround

A user could always simply use multiple pages, one for each language, and link them between each other. However, this would bloat the browser and the graph, and the links associated with the page in one language would be separate from those associated with the page in another language.

An alternative is to put the various languages together on the same page, but that is rather inconvenient and inelegant, especially for pages with a lot of text.

Related feature requests

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this. I’ve been struggling with the EXACT same problem. Appending each translation to the same note does not look nice. Creating multiple notes with the same content, just in another language, is messy and requires a lot of effort in updating links. I totally need the “change between languages” button, so there can be multiple versions of the same note within one note.