PAAN Starter kit

Hey everyone,

I recently went ahead and “forked” P.A.R.A. for my use and setup, which resulted in the P.A.A.N. system. Given that so many were interested in the P.A.R.A. starter kit, I figured I would do the same sort of things for P.A.A.N., so here’s the demo vault:


  • Download the zip and unzip
  • Select the unzipped folder as a vault in Obsidian
  • Enjoy

I’ve made some similar changes to my PARA Vault, but has to rename more thing to detach from previous state:

  • Areas become Life
  • Resources become Knowledge (evergreen type)
  • And also add Inbox, where all quotes from incoming media are living.

What does PAAN stand for?

Project Area Archive Network (instead of PARA for Project Areas Resources Archive