Outliner mode (similar to Logseq, Roam, Dynalist)

Just to add a bit more clarity, I think an outliner would be more inclusive, in that atleast for me, outlining, as is done in Logseq where I can quickly and easily break down thoughts block by block, allow me to free up working memory. Which is crucial, particularly for those who already have a lower working memory or working memory challenges.

Having things automatically bulleted place of doing this myself frees up even more RAM. :wink:


Agreed. I’d even be happy with just a couple of features for now (tab in bullet text indents, and drag / drop bullets with children).

I put in a clean feature request here for these two features (but the moderator closed it):

Basic Outliner Features for Obsidian (tab & drag)

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+1 same

Not sure if anyone has seen this, but this plugin accomplishes some of the basic features that really go a long way: GitHub - vslinko/obsidian-outliner. It works well for me! However, block-level referencing is not quite up to par with more traditional block-level editors.


Excellent plugin!!
One thing I noticed:
When creating a new item with Enter key, indent of the existing item seems to be changed according to the indent of the next line.


  • item 1 ← Enter at the beginning of the line
    • item 2


  • (new item)
    • item 1
    • item 2

You should report issues to the plugin’s GitHub page. The author does not necessarily track discussion here (I’m not even sure they’re on the forum).


Thank you for your advice. I’ve tried to make a issue at GitHub.

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Hello! I’m here now :slight_smile:

I’ll check this thread and think about new features later.
If you want to track your ideas please create an issue on GitHub. I’ll appreciate it.


Thanks a lot for making this plugin!

How to use this plugin for new Obsidian users? I just updated to the latest version of Obsidian and made sure to activate Obsidian Outliner plugin.

I’ve made a list, like you can see below…

And I opened the preview where I can see an outline. But that outline is not editable like you can see in the demo.

How can I get the same view as on the demo that you can see here?

You can’t edit anything in preview mode… the reason there are normal looking bullets in the demo is because a css snippet was used to change the default styling of lists in edit mode. That snippet is included in the readme file here: GitHub - vslinko/obsidian-outliner: Work with your lists like in Workflowy or RoamResearch


Your plugin is Excellent!
And it will be perfect if expand/collapse item can be realized under preview mode.
The way of another plugin “jump to link” may help.

@vslinko Is there a reason that your plugin doesn’t intend as far as a press on tab does without the plugin?

plugin indent the same amount, there was a bug pre 1.0.18, now it should be fixed [BUG] Indents are single spaces since latest update · Issue #28 · vslinko/obsidian-outliner · GitHub

Thanks! Updating wasn’t enough, I had to toggle the Tab setting as suggested in the thread.

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THANKS FOR making this plugin!

I think this is exactly what I was looking for… coming from Workflowy, at first I thought Obsidian was going to be a self-hosted / local UPGRADED experience from Workflowy but when I first launched in it was nothing like it… reminded me more of a Typora / Ghostwriter fork.

After I started digging into things thought it became apparent Obsidian is an upgraded Typora monster… all sorts of great stuff to see.


  1. Does this plugin work / function with Shift + Enter note function from Workflowy?
  2. Might you know if you can easily “share” a note with someone perhaps, if you have a custom domain sycned up (sort of like publish.obsidian.md)?
  3. Is there an import feature so I can quickly migrate away from Workflowy?
  4. If I paste a link into the editor mode, how can I replicate (or truncate URL) the display similar to Workflowy so I see a down arrow nipple INSTEAD of the [] and () stuff?

This plugin didn’t work at first because I had some options disabled. These options, I believe, must be enabled for it to work? Perhaps add a note to new users to let them know certain settings must be enabled.

  • Smart indent list
  • Fold heading
  • Fold indent
  • stock theme (no community ones)

About shift + enter, there is a feature request about that, the developer might work on that later

The import thing- this is independent of the plugin itself, you could export your notes as markdown and open it in Obsidian, I used Dynalist for outlining, there were separate files, Workfowy has one long file I think?

You may want to check Logseq which could be used together with obsidian

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I would be really interested in the ability to zoom in on Markdown headings, as many of my files are a fix of headings and lists.

Should I open a feature on the outliner plugin’s Github, or is that space just for bugs?

It’s better to start a discussion about your idea.


Outliner is an amazing plugin. But unfortunately my cursor goes crazy when it’s activated. I hope a future update fixes it.

If you have an issue, I think @vslinko would want you to report an issue in his plugin’s GitHub repository. Make sure to turn off all third-party plugins and custom CSS :smiley: