Outline does not remember state between restarts

Use case or problem

Currently, the document outline does not remember its state regarding folding between restarts.

I have a few longer documents with several sections and subsections. I actively work on only a few of the sections at a period of time, for some I just want to look up stuff there and many are irrelevant. The outline really helps when looking stuff up, but the sections that are momentarily irrelevant often get in the way. So I collapse them. And again on the next day :sweat_smile: It’s not tragic but a bit annoying nonetheless.

Proposed solution

You guessed it: Save the state of the outline between restarts. Either as part of the current workspace or as meta information attached to the document (same as for the folding state).


This could be worked around by using the outline or document search. I find that argument weak because you could also employ it to the existence of the outline. Also I don’t always know what to search for, but seeing the headings I’d know which to pick.

Related feature requests

The FR below is probably the better option and easier to implement, since folding is already remembered for notes and all you have to do is copy that state to the outline. The only benefit I could see in my FR is that it allows having different folding states in the document and the outline, but I don’t know whether there is a proper use case for that.

This FR is a duplicate of the FR below which was merged with another (implemented) FR as an implementation detail that sadly never made it.

Edit: There also seems to be a regression. The FR below was said to be implemented but the same issue occurs for me on v1.5.3. Also it mentions relaunching in the title, which I overlooked in my original search. So maybe this should be transformed into a bug report?


I tested once each (without following the debugging steps) on MacOS, where the outline was forgotten, and iOS, where it was remembered.

Thx for bringing this up. I observed the “forget state between launches”-issue on Linux in a new vault. I observed the “expand on edit”-issue in an existing vault but did not try it in a new one.