Org-sidian Bullets ◉ Instead Of # For Headers (Inspired by org-mode)

Hey guys,

Instructions and code is being updated and added to GitHub

GitHub - santiyounger/Org-sidian-Bullets: Org-mode bullet symbols for Obsidian

I also have instructions with screenshots in my blog now

This is what it looks like:

Theme Used Reverie: Santi Younger (available in the community themes)

this css code to replace the hashtag symbol # used for headers and change it for UTF-8 symbols.

Side note: Everything I’ll talk about is for edit mode

H1 instead of # display
H2 instead of ## display
H3 instead of ### display
H4 instead of #### display
H5 instead of ##### display
H6 instead of ###### display
and so on…

I come from using spacemacs and I love org-mode. I moved most of my workflow to obsidian, but there’s one thing I really miss, which is org-bullet points (this adds cools symbols to headings)

This is what it looks like in emacs:

This Screenshot is taken from the original github repo (it’s org-mode in emacs)
GitHub - sabof/org-bullets: utf-8 bullets for org-mode

Things to consider

There are spaces that allow this kind of indentation (achieved through spaces)


Additional possible features

Org-mode also allows for a shortcut such as alt+ to move headings quickly from h1 to h2 and so on. and alt+ to move from h2 to h1

This is something I’d like to turn into a request or if possible even develop as a plug in (perhaps as I get more advanced with javascript, it might be possible)

Special Thanks

This was possible thanks to the css wizard himself in this post

Hide or Truncate URLs in Editor using CSS? - #14 by


This looks a lot better when all headings are the same size