Option to fold/unfold headers independently of lists


Currently, you can only fold/unfold headers and lists.

In my workflow, folding headers and lists serve different purposes.

I fold headers to eliminate visual clutter and narrow my focus.

With lists, however, they have a meaningful structure; some lists are folded and others unfolded. I find folding all lists not useful at all. Even if I were to fold all lists, I’d want to fold only the topmost level, not all levels.

Possible solution

Add options to separately fold/unfold headers and lists.

Add an option to fold only the topmost level of lists.


I support this request and like to add the option to have commands/shortcuts for folding specific header-types. Like ‘fold all H1’.
Then I could have my header outline easily folded or unfolded.


I would also love to see a separate “fold/unfold all” for headers and lists.

Specifically, it would be great to be able to unfold headers without all my lists expanding as well.

Hi, I haven’t tested this extensively but I think the Crease plugin by Liam Cain might have what you’re after. As a fellow disgruntle-ee of limited folding controls I’ve found it does exactly what I need.

Thank you. That plug-in is great!