Added hotkeys for Fold Headings and Fold Indents

Use case or problem

In cases where you are regularly wanting to intermittently fold and unfold just indents as well as fold and unfold just headings, while not losing the existing Fold All Headings and Lists and Unfold All Headings and Lists hotkeys.

Proposed solution

To add these independent hotkeys either as separate Fold and Unfold or toggle hotkeys. Although it doesn’t affect my main use case, this could potentially also have the benefit of allowing you to fold headings with the retention of the fold state of the indents contained within the affected headings.

Current workaround (optional)

Temporarily toggling the Fold Heading and Fold Indent settings. Perhaps if these settings had a hotkey, another workaround would be to set up a macro that achieved the requested function by first toggling the correct settings before triggering the Fold/Unfold All Headings and Lists hotkey and then finally returning the settings to their initial state.

Sorry if there is already a request for this. I did search and was surprised not to find anything.

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Edit: Just found this request: Option to fold/unfold headers independently of lists