Option that shows all the highlights in a page

At the right corner of the page, there are three dots, when you click them there are two options which I find really cool. One’s ‘open outline’ and the other one’s open backlinks.

What these features do is they open another page with all the headings (in open outline) or all the backlinks (in open backlinks). I add the articles I read in Obsidian and I highlight to make a lot of highlights. I wish Obisidian would add a feature called ‘open highlights’ that opens all the highlighted lines in my note.


What is being requested above could be well covered by this fantastic request made by @goodsignal :

Filtering Everywhere!

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There’s also this feature request https://forum.obsidian.md/t/search-operator-for-current-active-note/5224 to use the global search features for the active note.

You could search as-is now with file:"Filename" ==

I’m concerned that this feature request as written might be too specific. Perhaps this is should be in #plugins.

Alternative workaround for this feature request
Search for file:"Filename" /==.*==/