Search operator for current active note

I would like a to use the search pane to only search the active note. This could be an operator like active-note: or current-note: or a shortcut to insert the filename.

There are ways around this, but they are not ideal:

  1. Search in current file doesn’t offer the same features as global search, and I would like to see the results before I start clicking through them.
  2. I could use the file: operator, but then I have to select the filename, copy, select the search pane, and paste. If there was a shortcut to copy the filename, then this might be easier.

A use case is that I have a long meeting note with tags in places where I want to follow-up.


my use case for this feature:
embed search of all not-done tasks in dailynote template. I would like to tweak this search to exclude task-todo:"" added in current daily note to avoid them being displayed twice (in search and daily note itself)