Opening note in new pane is unpredictable and inconsistent

Steps to reproduce

  1. Have two panes open
  2. Make original pane pinned (pane A)
  3. Make second pane unpinned (pane B)
  4. Open note in new window/pane from pane A

Expected result

  1. Open the new note in pane B
  2. (if however the expected result is supposed to open the note in a new pane, then this should be consistent)

Actual result

Sometimes it opens in pane B, sometimes it creates a new pane


  • Operating system: osx
  • Obsidian version:0.8.0

Additional information

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I think this bug report is related to this request:

Yes it’s related, but is this why the present bug request is in the graveyard? The related issue is not identical as the related issue is more about keyboard shortcuts (unless I’m mistaken). The present bug is related to the resultant behavior of whatever said keyboard shortcuts are decided. In other words, even if we have the perfect keyboard shortcuts, etc., the unexpected and unpredictable problem still persists.

I though that the sometimes it opens in B and sometimes it creates a new pane was due to using the wrong shortcuts or being confused by the shortcut change between edit mode and preview mode.

If this is not the case, that is, you are in edit mode and you always do the same actions and the result is random, then we should look into it.
If this is the case, please specify exactly what you do that results in a random behavior (attaching a gif would be even nicer).

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