Make Pane UI/Behavior a priority again

This is more of a general feature request to focus on features/bugs related to pane behavior/UI. Currently, the behavior to pane related features/UI is inconsistent and unpredictable. These inconsistencies disrupt the ability for the user to focus and be productive.

I understand that from a development/testing standpoint, resources are very limited. However, from a feature standpoint, I think the Obsidian team and users should be very proud, thankful, and content. At present, Obsidian is very usable and already addresses most, if not all, of the important/urgent use cases. It’s quite a feat. But the inconsistencies particularly with panes/UI significantly devalue these rich features that already exist.

So I wonder if others feel the same way: prioritizing pane behavior/UI to be more robust, consistent, and predictable. This would require eliminating existing bugs, implementing some of the key feature requests in the forum, having clearly documented expected results, and ensuring more thorough testing.

Here are examples of some issues that I experience as I try to leverage the benefits of the pane features:

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Just for the sake of organization, here is the one feature that I think would make a significant difference: creating a new pane for results (whether search or backlinks). This would be a game changer and would address the problem of not fully transcluding backlinks, limited context in results, etc.:

And here are some new issues that I’ve seen with the overall pane design and execution that hampers user experience: