Solutions to inconsistent CTRL + click command

This discussion appeared first in a bug report thread but we think it’d be better to comment here about possible solutions to this bad user experience. And would be nice to know if other feel the same way about it or have other suggestions.

In edit mode we need to ctrl + click or alt + enter to open a page in the same tab while in preview mode the command ctrl + click opens the page in a new tab. Note that is not possible to open it in a new tab in edit mode. I personally believe that having the same command for different functions depending on each mode you are is not the best solution. So here is what I think is good:

  • use ALT + click in edit mode to open in same panel (same way as the command we already have: ALT + enter; having similar commands for the same function seam good to me)
  • use CTRL + click in edit mode to open in a new panel. so that edit mode and preview mode are the same
  • the preview mode seams to be working fine with the current commands and I think the both systems will work better together with this changes.

I didn’t realize that you had already created a feature request around this. I also created a post on this.

Another way that would possibly be more flexible would be to allow the user to edit this in keyboard shortcuts.

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This is a good option to make available as well

Try Ctrl+ Shift + Click while in edit mode.

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thanks for that. nice to know. but still think that having similar commands for edit and preview mode make a lot of sense

I agree! I frequently get confused what keys i have to hold on to while clicking and have to think what mode am i in…


Closing as no longer relevant as of 0.16.

Ctrl/Cmd + Click on a link will open it in a new tab
Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + Click will open links in a new pane to the right.
Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + Shift + Click will open links in a new window.

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