Open links in Obsidian to other applications

I am not sure the correct term to describe this.

I made a note in KeepIt and have it as a link in Obsidian. I would like the particular note to be open in KeepIt when I click on the link.

I’m a mac user, It does what I want it to do (open the particular note in the application) when I tested in evernote, word, apple reminders.

This is particularly useful when I’m cross-referencing articles in another app and Obsidian.


Are you saying Obsidian doesn’t recognize url schemes from other apps as links? As in, this is a feature request for that to happen?

Just clarifying.

Yes, that is exactly what I was trying to say - thank you for clarifying it for me!

It works for me. How are you styling your link? I reference documents from DEVONthink and KeepIt and they both work.

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That’s great to hear that it works for you, which means that it’s likely at my end …

I’m styling it like this:


Is this how you’re doing it too?

No. Use Markdown syntax. The item link is the URL and you can title it whatever you like.


Hi ryanjamurphy, I was incorrectly using the markdown syntax to open url schemes from other apps as links in obsidian.

It works now, so there is no need to put in a feature request. Thanks for your help!

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ah … got my syntax wrong… it works now! Thank you very much for your help.