Using obsidian:// URL protocol to open file in obsidian from other applications

I’d love to be able to open obsidian from other places, with something like obsidian://path/to/my/file. Zotero handles this through URL protocols.

This is definitely related to Command Line Interface to open files/folders in Obsidian from the terminal , but not limited to the CLI.

An example of how I would use it would be something like the following:

  1. Find a note I have and get a link from one of the header buttons
  2. Add a task to todoist with markdown formatting, e.g. Add state of the art section to [My note](obsidian://path/to/my-note)
  3. Whenever the task is due, I click the link and obsidian opens My Note

Edit: Also sort of related to Open links in Obsidian to other applications, except the case is reversed.


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