Request - working custom URL schemes in edit view

As mentioned here, Obsidian notes can have links that use custom URL schemes - my use case is the “zotero://” scheme. For me on Win 10, these custom links are clickable in preview mode only. I would like these to be clickable in edit mode as well, just like inter-note links. If this is user error, let me know how I’m supposed to do it. Thanks.


You can surround non-HTTP links in <angle brackets> to make them clickable in edit mode!

It didn’t work for me on a zotero:// link that works in other programs. Does it work for file paths only, perhaps? Or Mac only?

Ah, sorry, I was misguided. Indeed, they don’t appear clickable in edit mode. I must’ve imagined it. Moving this to feature requests and giving it a :purple_heart:!

Moving to the archive since this can be done using Ctrl+Click in edit mode

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Hi, can you unarchive this? Ctrl+click does follow normal http: links in edit mode, but not custom URL schemes like zotero:// - at least not on my Windows installation.

Could you open a #bug-reports using the new template instead? Thanks!

I would also double check first, does the link work in your browser?

The link does work in my browser.

In that case it might be something with your Zotero installation! The URI does not seem to be recognized by your system and probably has nothing to do with Obsidian. Has this worked before?