"Open in default app" command should open file under cursor

Use case or problem

I mainly use Obsidian for stuyding, and have “index” notes that contain links to material (mostly in pdf form), e.g. exercises, lectures, answer sheets per week.

I find the built-in pdf viewer too clunky in sliding planes mode, especially on a small laptop screen. And the current workflow to “open this pdf in system viewer” is just that little bit inconvenient, hence this post :).

Proposed solution

“open in default app” keybind should open highlighted link, if present. This might be a little bit confusing, but should behave as it does currently if the cursor isn’t on a link.

Or, perhaps an additional command “open link under cursor in default app” that could instead be used if the current behaviour is considered more intuitive.

Current workaround (optional)

ctr + enter to visit the highlighted link in new tab,
“open in defaut app” command (in my keybinds alt+o),
switch focus back to obsidian,
close the new tab (for which sadly the default keybind doesn’t work, which shivers requires the use of the mouse)


Same here!
The keyboard shortcut “Open in default app” should do the same, like the right-click-context-menue-command “Open in default app”.

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Totally agree. I thought it was supposed to work like that and was thinking of submitting a bug report. I wish there were:

  • An ‘open link under cursor in default app’ command
  • A global ‘open all [filetype] in default app’ setting