Modifier button when inserting new links for choosing link-format

Use case or problem

I want to link to pdfs in my vault, and for opening these files in my default app, I don’t want to have to

  • right-click on that link
  • choose “Open in default App” in the context menu

Proposed solution

As described in this thread, after clicking on that link, the file opens in the default viewer or in Obsidian, depending on the format of the link.

  • In that format: [some name for the link](file:///c:/your/path/name%20of%20your%20file.pdf) it will open the pdf in an external viewer.
  • in that format: [[./relative path/name of your file.pdf]] it will open within Obsidian

My proposed solution

When I want to insert a new link, I type “[[” and a Quick Switcher dialog opens. Here, it would be very nice, if I could choose the type of link-format in which I want to insert that link into my note, by pressing a modifier button for example.

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