Omnivore plugin

Hello everyone, today, I have just released a new plugin: Omnivore Plugins - Obsidian

Omnivore integration plugin is used to import data (title, content, highlights and other metadata) from your Omnivore account (Home - Omnivore).

Omnivore is an open-sourced, read-it-later app for serious readers. If you already have an Omnivore account, you just need to get an API key to start.

Key features of the plugin:

  • Import your highlights and saved article
  • Create graphs based on Omnivore data
  • Filter imported data using Omnivores advanced search syntax
  • Custom templates for imported data

This is a great idea and is potentially really useful.

Are there any plans to allow:

  • Changing the filename format. e.g. so that it can use (just) the title?
  • Saving all files into the same 1 directory? i.e. not put files into date-stamped folders.

Those 2 changes would really help make this a great plugin for me.

Update - 23 Feb
I’ve updated the plugin and can now do both things mentioned above.

It works very well!


Nice! I’ve been hoping this would get built at some point. I got it working, but I was really hoping there was an option to pull in the entire article instead of just the highlights.

That’s doable:

Use the Filter under General Settings in the plugin settings.

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Can I get a little more specific instructions? I set it to advanced, is that all? Thanks for the help and your ingenuity!

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Hey @bobbyhiddn, thanks for using the plugin!

To pull the entire article, you need to put {{{content}}} variable in the Template in the plugin settings.

Plugin settings screenshot:

And to use the filter, set it to advanced. Then you could add a label like Obsidian to the articles in Omnivore and change the custom query in the plugin settings to label:Obsidian.

Plugin settings screenshot:

Omnivore screenshot:


Hi! Thanks for this plug-in! I’m trying to figure out how to get the tags (like the Newsletter and Obsidian in the Omnivore Screenshot above) to come in as actual tags in the Frontmatter. I’ve tried all sorts of things and am not having any luck. What’s the secret?


Actually, I think I figured it out…

How did you do this?

Like this:

(I hate it when people say they figured out the answer but don’t say what it was :stuck_out_tongue: )

I’m sorry, you’re right I should have written down what I did, but I think it ended up being user error on my end. Apologies.

The service/plugin was recommended on another thread:

The benchmark website which I picked to test various web clippers – iOS clipper Shortcuts, bookmarklets, etc. – was Ancient-Origins. Many times the images were not showing or were referenced as blanks.

I can confirm all images (below the article title) are shown perfectly in both in the app and in Obsidian after syncing/converting to markdown.
I tried: