Obsidian Sync: add option to buy more storage space / increase remote vault size

The current per vault storage limit is too small for some users’ vaults. There should be some way to increase it – even if it were necessary to charge more.

Posted at the explicit direction of @WhiteNoise (rather than continuing the discussion from Sync more vaults with Obsidian Sync, and pool space together.




Any updates on this? Really like sync but hit the 10gb limit quite easily.


Just hit the 10gb size limit today. Would be willing to pay more for additional storage space on Obsidian sync.

Unfortunately my workplace only allows apples devices, and those aren’t compatible with (to my knowledge) third party syncing through services like pCloud, Onedrive, DropBox etc…


:purple_heart::brain: | :pray: Magnus :yellow_heart: | (02-11-2022) | (20:53) | : Split my work/apple obsidian vault into it’s own vault, limited by the 10gb obsidian sync limit, and enabled syncing my main vault through pCloud, immediately allowing me to expand my vault to 14gb. Recommended for anybody else wanting to expand their vault with e.g. shutterstock pictures, videos, music etc… I paid for a 500gb lifetime space on pCloud, so my vault will be expanding year by year :cupid::brain:


Hi Friends,
+1 for extra storage. Whether it’s increasing default storage limit (preferred) or offering a higher paid tier, I’m in. Any plans for this in the works?


Wanted to add support for this. I really don’t want to put my research PDFs somewhere else, especially as I feel like it takes away from the natural flows in notes and canvas.

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especially given the new pdf upgrade - it makes EVEN MORE sense to store pdfs in obsidian…
Any update on this? thanks !!


How’s your experience been so far? Has it proven as reliable as Obsidian sync?

totally, I need this option as well!

Please add larger remote vaults in the future, 10 GB are not enough.

+1, for PDFs storage too…


+1 for increased sync data limit.

I use image/video/audio/PDFs frequently and on most operating systems so being able to sync more than 10Gb with Obsidian Sync would be extremely nice.

+1 very interested in paying for an increased limit. Collection of PDF books easily hit the 10 gb quota. Would rather not split documents into multiple vaults.

+1 as well

+1 as well

Just chiming in to agree that this would be super helpful. I would happily pay a premium to increase my data cap. If there’s an easy way to allow this I could see it bringing in more revenue, so win-win.

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I’d also be more than willing to pay more for an increased storage. I’ve not run into the wall yet but I’m putting more and more types of projects into obsidian because its just he most convenient thing out there for project/note management that does all the syncing I need as well.


How did you enable syncing with pCloud?

I’d like to bump this. I’m only just nearing 1gig after 3 years of use. But I hope to use Obsidian for at least another 100 years.