Obsidian Sync: add option to buy more storage space / increase remote vault size

+1, you could put a 10x premium over iCloud ($.99 / month / 50GB) and I’d still choose Obsidian Sync with extended vault sizes

Why not use rclone to mount any of the cloud storages( one drive, google drive, pcloud, dropbox, mega and many more ) to your pc and use that like a normal folder?

Especially for something that is large enough and not suitable to sync with obsidian sync since using both obsidan sync and cloud on the same file might cause problems.

I have mounted 1 drive in my pc using rclone and i am thinking of using it as a storage folder for images, attachments in obdisian since those things i am going to exclude in obsidian sync.

I think i will have to create a link to those folders and use it in obsidian

This is now possible:


This is such awesome news! I was just messing around with plugins to sync my attachment folder and it was a total pain. I’m so glad I can stop worrying about that now.

Thanks Obsidian team!

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