Obsidian Publish Nested Vault

I’d like to know thoughts on nested vault when it comes to obsidian publish.
I’m aware that there is advice against nesting a vault within a vault.

I make sure to follow the advice form this post, in order to prevent my nested vault to mess up.

Nested vaults - usage and risks

My obsidian publish set up

In my case my obsidian publish notes are a sub-folder inside my vault.

I only have one vault and I wouldn’t like to separate my obsidian publish notes into a whole new vault, since I like to keep access to everything from one vault.

In my case, I don’t see any other way to use obsidian publish without having to use a nested vault within a vault.

Feature Request?

Perhaps this could be a feature request to make vault within vault a regular thing that won’t break.

I see many benefits to this, but when it comes to this particular use of obsidian publish, this seems to be the only clean solution I can think of.


I might be missing something, so feel free to point me in the right direction if there are better ways to solve this.


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Nested vaults - usage and risks


First, this is an awesome post that covers a great topic, and I’m inclined to move this out of the #help category because it’s typically for transient questions. Leaving that issue aside for now . . .

It’s not clear to me why you want your publish notes in a separate vault. And is there something about the publish feature that could be improved so that using one vault would be doable?

I’m not sure Obsidian will ever fully support nested vaults, but it’s definitely worth making a #feature-requests if this is important to you. I’m surprised an existing feature request doesn’t exist, but perhaps the devs response has scared that off.

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Hey @sam.baron thank you for the kind words. It’s good I put it in the “Help” section before I turn this into a feature request. Since I missed something obvious.

I still think there’s value for nested tags beyond obisidian publish.

What I missed is that from the root vault (where I have my sub-folder to publish) one can simply select everything inside a sub-folder to publish.

This makes the selection of a sub-folder really easy.

The reason why this approach isn’t great yet, is due to how obsidian publish folds all that content in the left pane under a toggle folder (hiding everything by default)

This is exactly what’s stated in this posts

Make Folders Vault Floor for Obsidian Publish

I’m make sure to support that post.

Beyond that you are right, it’s worth doing a feature-request for nested vaults, I think it’s a valuable feature. I’ll put one together

Thanks for your time @sam.baron


Just created a feature request:

If I used Publish, this is very much what I would do.
Anything I publish is carefully selected and organised, but is usually derived from a much wider network of writing and information. With Publish, I’d value the walls between the published vault and everything else, but I’d like access to everything else when I’m developing what will be published.

But easy for me to think that since I’m a heavy user of nested vaults.

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Exactly, curation of published content is a big thing. It’s the same for me, I want to make sure that everything in my obsidian publish is highly curated.

A sub-folder can do this, but a nested vault provides additional advantages.

The nested vault allow me to be aware of everything linked within the vault. This way I avoid having links and backlinks to files that do not exist in obsidian publish.

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