Make Folders Vault Floor for Obsidian Publish

I organize the notes I want to publish by keeping them in one folder within my main vault. I’d love there be some way I can set that folder as first level of organization instead of the vault itself.

Currently my published website shows folder name --> notes in the file explorer, when Instead I just want it to show notes.


This is exactly why I was instead usinga Nested Vault for obsidian publish

Nested Vault (vault within vault) for Obsidian Publish

But this is a cleaner solution to avoid messing with nested vaults.

If a sub-folder is selected for publishing, the left side pane (where the files are displayed) looks empty, until one toggles the folder to reveal the notes inside of it.

I like the idea of making the sub-folder a first level folder in obsidian publsih like @lizardmenfromspace described

I’d also be okay with adding the option to expand everything inside that sub-folder so that notes aren’t hiden by default

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