Obsidian Publish: Set sub-folder as site root

Use case or problem

Not having Obsidian Vault root folder as the Obsidian Publish root folder.

Proposed solution

Add a setting to Obsidian Publish to set a sub-folder as the Obsidian Publish root. Ideally, publish.css & publish.js would be able to go under there as well. I want it to act exactly the same as it does from the Vault’s root folder, just one folder below without the website showing that folder in the left navigation.

Current workaround (optional)

Unfortunately, none that hit the mark. I ended up falling back to making the root Vault folder where I store site content, but will have to put everything else I’ll never publish under a ‘DNP’ folder (Do Not Publish).

For my needs though, only 20% will likely ever be published, so I want 80% in the root folder and to be able to just have a ‘Site’ folder for the site. Under that folder would be all my pages and attachments. To be clear, I would not be linking out of this folder or into it, so it’s fine with me if there’s a hard line there to the implementation where you can’t link out or into the sub-folder on those pages.

When I publish the files in that folder, I don’t want the left navigation on web to be a collapsed ‘Site’ folder with all the pages in it. I want the ‘Site’ folder to not show on the left navigation as-if I were publishing normally from the root. I tried hiding the folder to see if Publish would instead show only the published files below that, but instead it hid everything.

Related feature requests (optional)

NOT same request (I definitely don’t need nested vaults), but similar.


Same here.

I think one of the main issues is because the published vault would always have the subdirectory name as prefix in the URL paths, unless there’s a permalink.

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Same issue here. I’d like to have more control under my URL.

Yes please. I have this same issue. I want to maintain a single Vault and use a sub-folder as the root for anything I’d like to publish.