Obsidian Notes Template - OB_Template

Hello everyone, so i started to use Obsidian as a main note taking app and after some days watching Youtube and Scrolling on forums i made my notes template.
I will leave the link below for the GitHub repository and i would love to know your opinion on the temple.

GitHub repository


Nice and Great!

I’m looking into the template thing to support the implement of obsidian into my daily usage.


Thank you for the templates. One question: I don’t seem to get the {{ }} to work. Am I missing a plugin, setting or perhaps something else?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello, every where you see the {{ }} they will input information automatically.

Try this:

  1. Open Obsidian setting and go to core plugins
  2. Search for “Templates” and make sure it’s enabled
  3. Still in settings go to Hotkeys and search for “Templates: Insert Template”
  4. Make sure you have some keybinding on it
  5. Create a new note a press the Hotkey to insert the template

After the template is inserted {{title}} should be field with the same name as the document, and {{date}} will have the current date.

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If you find that something is missing or some improvement that can be made let me know.

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Lovely, thank you. I missed the template-part of the whole thing and when I tried that, it magically works. Have a great day!


OHHHHHH :star_struck:


Update on the available templates.

  1. Added a new template for Yearly Goals with an example on how to use it.
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Major update

  1. Folder system have changed
  2. Improved notes and corrected some typos
  3. Beautified the notes template :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  4. Added new note templates

Since there was folder changes, please disregard the old sub-folders links.

You can find all updates in GitHub


Hi - thank you for your contribution – do your templates use/employ YAML or no?


Little to almost nothing, they are designed to be a base so you can build up to your needs.

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nice list full of 404-Errors

Why am I getting GitHub notification that this is not the webpage you are looking for?

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Yes, because they update the link in a further answer : Github

Did you notice the updated folder which was the entire reasoning for this person updating something they had shared months ago…?

Also, Christian, I miss seeing where you have contributed? Let me guess, you actually hit every single one of those links getting a 404 error, slammed your hands, and then angrily posted your comment :joy:

Thanks for the fast reply @Naya and @4x3L

@Barney and @Whiskyharry Yes, thanks to the last update on the templates i was forced to change the folder system to better fit the project.

Unfortunatly i didn’t remember to check if there was a possiblity to update the URL’s on the post, but i will check with the admins.

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@Zektor - do you have a sample of your Meeting template that’s been filled in?

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Helo, you can have a look at this one.

Unfortunaly i can’t show the Discussion Notes or Action Items since they are mostly confidential information.

Hello everyone,

There was a new update on the templates, there are some spelling corrections and typos.

I have also added new templates.

  1. Created a tracker template
    1.1 Slip Box, to sort information (Advisable to use with DataView plugin for a easiest use)
    1.2 Habit Challenge, a simple tracking for habits that you may want to add or remove from your life
  2. Updated the Daily Log template, now you can find a version 2
  3. Added 2 different option for course notes
    3.1 An extremely simple note for very objective and small class/course
    3.2 A summary type note to ensure no information is left behind.


The URL’s on the comments above may not work properly since there have been made changes to the file structure in the past.

Kindly use the URL to the repository main page, there you will find an index linked to every type of template.

GitHub Repository

Really nice collection. Do you have templates for taking notes on articles, videos and tweets?