Obsidian Notes Template - OB_Template

Hello, sorry for the delayed answer.

Not anything specific at the moment :frowning: sorry, you may find something along those lines in the book templates, but it’s not supper well made XD.

Try this link: GitHub - llZektorll/OB_Template: OB_Template is a vault template reference to be used on Obsidian.
It works for me.


Hello everyone,

OB_Templates had some updates today.

GitHub - OB_Templates


I have added new templates to:

  • Logs
  • Project
  • Course

Created a new type of template:

  • Company - To configure a company/organization information


  • Updated the file and gave it a beauty treatment


  • Fixed some typos / spelling errors
  • Fixed some missing capitalizations
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Hello everyone,

Just made a small update on the templates that i forgot to do in the past updates.


Tags used on metadata on all template to work as an array (list), makes it simpler to add tags.

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Hello everyone,

I’ve just released an update on OB_Templates


  1. Entertainment
    1. New Movies and Shows review Template
  2. Meetings
    1. New meeting template for Daily Check In
  3. Project
    1. New template for project proposal
  4. Investment
    1. New template to control stock investment

Hello everyone,

I’ve just released an update on OB_Templates


  1. Word Dictionary
    • Created a word / acronym dictionary template based on suggestion in Discord
  2. Special Thanks
    • Created a Special Thanks section on the README.md file to properly thanks and give credit to anyone that make a contribution to the project.

what its mean ::. ??

Tags::. is just a placeholder to put any tags prevalent to the meeting.

Tags:: #tag1 #tag2 #tag3

Just remove the period . after importing the template.