Obsidian goes black screen instantly after I launch the app

This issue happened after updating to Obsidian v1.5.3, running on Windows 11. I deleted C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\obsidian\obsidian-1.5.3.asar, which initially seemed to fix the problem. The issue reoccurred, possibly due to having an installer version of v0.14.6. I’m not sure why but even the logs were normal.

To address this, I installed the executable version from https://github.com/obsidianmd/obsidian-releases/releases/download/v1.4.16/Obsidian.1.4.16-allusers.exe, and it automatically upgraded to v1.5.3. If you encounter challenges with v1.5.3, I recommend reinstalling v1.4.16 and disabling automatic updates in Obsidian’s settings.

You can find the full list of releases here