Obsidian switches to black screen then deletes note

What I’m trying to do

For some reason whenever I use Obsidian now the app eventually changes to a black screen. I have to right click the app icon to close it (Windows 10 PRO). This worked fine for a few days, I would just close and reopen the app. Now whenever I close and reopen it my entire note contents will be deleted. Only the name on it remains. I’ve been able to recover the texts through snapshots file recovery but this is not a solution.

Things I have tried

I’ve reverted to the default theme and stopped using chorme at the same time on the same screen. I make sure I have no background apps open (aside from chrome). I’m rather stumped here as I haven’t changed anything with my set up. I’m using Obsidian the same way I always have, it’s just not working properly anymore. I’m not sure what else to try, aside from keeping back ups.

If you have time, can you try creating and using another vault for bit? Alternatively, you can try in the Sandbox vault (F1 -> Sandbox vault).

We need to pin down if this happens in all Obsidian vaults on your device or only in your main vault.

I’ll give that a try tomorrow and comment back with the results

Also, for your own vault, when something is acting odd, including using the default theme, it’s best to try in restricted mode (with a restart) as well.

Other troubleshooting steps.

I tested out the sandbox vault and it worked fine. I created a new vault and just copied my writing to it (I only had two notes so it was fast to do) and it’s been working well. I’ll update if there’s any problems, but it seems to be fine. Not sure what the issue was with my old vault, but at least it works now. Thanks!

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