Obsidian black screen bug reports replicated by multiple users have been unlisted. Why?

When a forum post is unlisted, it can no longer be found. In the case of the black screen with obsidian, it seems like there are multiple root causes and multiple solutions depending on the root cause. My charitable interpretation of a reason for unlisting those those posts is that it added noise as this one was opened that had a procedure to follow to fix the problem Blank / Black / White screen on startup / launch / open - Help - Obsidian Forum .

So as of now, users who experience these issues and search the forum will not be able to see the things other people changed to fix their issue. It also makes it look like problems are being intentionally hidden. There is a basement forum category, titles can be renamed, tags can be used.

These have been unlisted:

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It’s not unlisted.

That thread was created to guide users to a series of steps to solve the problem. The other threads added noise, and sometimes contained risky suggestions. Those threads were closed and unlisted. The users were pointed users to my thread.

It was unlisted for a day in January, I’m guessing because it wasn’t quite ready yet. But right under that notice are the ones saying it was relisted and pinned.

Ok. I saw the unlisted and not that it was then also re-listed. My problem is not covered in the forum post you opened. I went through all of the troubleshooting in that forum post you mentioned prior to opening the forum post myself Obsidian screen goes black (or white, crash) - Basement - Obsidian Forum .

The problem I had is not fixed and is very hard to understand the source of it. It will happen to other users and it is likely to happen to users who are trying out obsidian. Migrating from some other knowledge management tool. Most of those people will likely just give up and go back to using the previous tool rather than taking the time and effort to open a forum post.

I have experienced both sides of finding the obscure fix for other tools. I have asked about things on stackoverflow, not gotten and answer and then found the solution myself and posted about it. Then to find out 2 years later, that solution has been very useful for people. I have also experienced the same thing on the other side. Something one person posts on reddit, github, or somewhere else is the exact key to solving the issue I had.

I understand an issue being closed or moved to a bug basement or something. You all have limited time to address problems and can choose what is something that the software should handle vs. what the user should avoid doing. Unlisting is harmful.

Even if you thought this issue was fully covered in your forum post, there is no need to unlist it. You closed it with a comment to your forum post. A user can no longer comment on a closed post, they will then go to your forum post and see the solutions.


Your concerns are valid and very thoughtfully put. It’s a shame that, as typical, the response only engages defensively. If this obvious “us vs them” attitude grows it will hamstring progress.

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Let me give it a try again at this. During January of 2024 I noticed a spike in “black screen on startup” bug reports/threads. Since I saw multiple threads, sometimes of different problems with the same outcome, and with solutions that would cause a disruption user experience (deleting obsidian configuration directory and having to reconfigure everything from scratch), I decided to write troubleshooting post with a progressive level actions/disruption caused to restore Obsidian.
I had a team member review the post, made it public, set it as pinned for a month, and pointed all the various threads to that one. The other threads were unlisted because I did not want other users to find them and nuke their obsidian configuration as the first thing they try.

The thread that I created is not unlisted. I don’t know why Corey claimed it is unlisted, but I believe this misunderstanding is at the base of the chain-of-though that ends with “problems being intentionally hidden”. I am sorry if I sound defensive, but I trying to explain what happened.


I tried to state in my last response that I now see the thread you made is not unlisted. It looked like that because it was unlisted and re-listed.

The other 2 threads I linked to are still unlisted. And again including my thread that was not addressed in the one that you made. The problem was not fixed.

No problem. I will update my post and include troubleshooting for your specific problem too.