Obisdian Sync not Syncing


I use Obsidian Sync to connect my laptop, iPad, iPhone, and work computer through the same remote vault. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be syncing, and I don’t know why. Looking at the sync activity logs, they all say that they connect to the server at the date and time when I look at the log. I’ve tried disconnecting to the remote vault and reconnecting, opening and closing Obsidian, and rebooting the computers/phones/tablets and the vaults fail to sync.


I know that sync worked last week. Any idea how to fix the problem?


Is it slow to sync or does it say there’s nothing to sync?
Is there anything to sync?
Can you post the sync logs?

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly @WhiteNoise. The notes just have not been syncing and there’s no message in the sync log. Here’s the sync log from my PC.

2021-04-12 16:32 - Connecting to server
2021-04-12 16:52 - Connecting to server

There should be information to sync. I added information to an existing note on my iPad and PC. I also created notes on my PC. The new notes only exist on the original computer, and none of the modifications have been made on any of my devices.

I should add that I moved some notes to different folders in the same vault on my PC. I didn’t move them on my other devices. I don’t know if that could cause problems.


Are you behind a firewall of some sort?

Can you visit in your browser and see if that opens the obsidian website?

Only my Windows Firewall.

Yes, it opened the site that included the private betas for the mobile app.

I’d recommend jumping on Discord so we can try to debug the issue live.

Sure. I’m on Discord, but I’ve only read posts on it. Never done anything else. What do I need to do? Thanks!

Just send me (Licat) a direct message and we can pickup the conversation there.

Just to update anyone else viewing the thread, we’ve noticed that this specific database was stuck in a weird state, and I’ve remotely triggered a flush to restore everything in order. I’ve also pushed code to catch this in the future and automatically fixes the issue.

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