Obsidian Sync not Syncing


I think there is a bug on my Android mobile with Obsidian Sync and i need your help please.
It seems to be the same problem as reported in this topic .

I’ve got Obsidian Sync both on my mobile and my windows computer, but i can’t find some specific notes on my android mobile.
When i go to the sync activities i can see that it should be ok “2022-04-10 12:54 Fully Synced”, but i can’t find all the notes.

This is my firt “Sync” problem in 7 month.

Thank you for your help.

What exactly is not syncing?

Make some change to one of these files and attach the sync logs from both desktop and mobile.


Well, let me tell you i’m a little bit confused !

It was about a week that not of all of my notes synced in my vault on my phone.
For example there was notes that i had on my PC but dit not sync on my phone.
But after disconnected and reconnected the vault on my phone to my online vault it seems to work again…
That’s the first time i see that in 7 or 8 month using it.

Thank you for your help, i will tell you if i have other issues in the next days.


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