Note Navigator (headers, anchors and more)

So ive seen im not the only one handling large notes- from imported highlights and documents to chapter writing- and also how useful it is to not lift the hands from the keyboard…
i wish there was a way to simply go next and back between notes elements- and if thats possible, and customizable, could open a way for new pratical schemas/methods for taking notes

The idea

A simple ui of 3 buttons- previous, config(filter) and next- with next and previous commands that can be assigned to hotkeys.
I dont know the options and limitations for plugins regarding ui- but a good place if possible would be the botton bar (where characters are counted), or a new tab for sidebars (maybe as a pinned note with the buttons inside)

The config/filter would show a list of toggable elements that would be counted for the foward/back commands:

  • headers
  • code blocks
  • links
  • highlights
  • embeds and or files
  • anchors/footnotes (^denotations, be it for footnotes or internal linking)
  • tags…
  • top level(unindented) bullet points/numerals
  • tasks
  • …and emojis (-actually one of the most useful)

jumping foward/back would work like clicking on links and search- where the block is centered on the file, temporarily highlighted.


with all filters on it would already be useful to parse through long content directly through any and all major ‘landmarks’ so to speak that could help finding points of interest.

The filtering would allow for everyone to adjust it as per their needs and current modus operandi- but its useful to have the filtering acessible and changeable on the fly, as those needs could vary depending on some notes and contents

Why Emojis:
Its the only i figured out, without adding alien syntaxes, for the navigator to have some sort of ‘stamp’ of its own; Being unicode characters and adding the default list of emojis to the plugin users would be able to use the plugin only for navigating between special points of interest they’d make for use with the navigator - particullary so if the plugin settings allowed to change the emoji filter from ‘all/any emojis’ to a specific user defined list (that could be as simple as a text input inbox)
that happened to be my original idea, before i realized how many other elements could be useful and some already requested

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