Note Comments Panel


  1. Add a comment to a specific portion of text (this can be done by having a special syntax to specify the highlighted text and include the comment after it which is parsed when transitioning into preview mode i.e. [text to be highlighted](comment to be attached to this section)
  2. Comments for a note are listed in a panel (thus can be placed as another tab next to the table of contents for example allowing ease of access and navigation)
  3. Clicking a comment causes the note to jump to the beginning of the highlighted text related to that comment
  4. Clicking a highlighted text causes the comment panel to jump to the comment for that section

Extra Functionalities:

  • Allow to specify the highlight color which would provide a priority for the comments with a personal preference i.e. red = !important ; yellow = !average; green = !minor

Work Around Currently:

Related Plugin / Feature Ideas:


  • I have no idea how plugins are made and never made one personally but i believe this plugin would function a lot like the Table of contents panel coupled with the newly introduced feature of linking to specific sections of the text.
  • Great thanks to anyone that helps making this a reality :smiling_imp:

This would also be useful for my use-case as outlined in the related request: Feature Request: Comment Formatting


Re-writing the post to phrase it / explain it better, will include it in the main description!! Thank you!


Need to update the Read Me later, just wanted to drop this here


This implementation is amazing darakah! Thank you a lot!