Note feature

Description of plugin

When I want to add my personal comment to particular text, but I don’t want to share the comment in original document because this is shared with other people. So with this new proposed feature, my personal comments will be in separated file, but in same time linked inside the document. When sharing with others I will simply strip all tags with regex according fixed pattern. Therefore I need fixed and unique patter each time I add new comment. Do it manually each time is of course an burden.

What the plugin should do:

  1. When I highlight the text (in preview mode)
  2. Popup with options:
  3. Highlight
  4. Create note
  5. Selection create note, new file in custom folder (Notes) is created with unique pattern note_192601095801 19- year
    26- day
    01- month
    09- hour
    58- minutes
    01- seconds
  6. In original document the pattern name is stripped down and only the note icon is shown next to the text. So instead [[note_192601095801]] I will see some icons, on right side of text, example ✎
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