[Mobile] Support Drag and Drop in iPadOS in split view Obsidian/Other App



Obsidian Mobile version: v0.0.16

Copy and Paste or Drag and Drop doesn’t work in iPadOS!


it is the same problem i reported in“failed to select sentences on iphone”
hope it can be fixed soon.

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I’m not sure that’s the same issue I’m having on the iPad. My issue is that in Split View I CAN make a selection (highlight) in one app but NOT either (1)Drag and Drop or (2)paste to Obsidian in the second Pane.

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Indeed not the same problem.

Yep can confirm! It does not work with text nor with pictures
→ Obsidian version 0.0.16 (3) & iPadOS 14.4.2

Thanks. Maybe we’ll get a comment from @WhiteNoise on this

  1. Copy and Paste IS working in v0.17 (4)
  2. Drag and Drop still is NOT working. Item is selected, dragging ‘appears’ to be working while sliding to Obsidian app (green ‘+’ gif if present), appears to ‘land’, but immediately disappears.

Strangely, I just noticed that dropping a hyperlink from safari does work.

How about selected text from Safari? That still doesn’t work for me.

The same for me. Links are the only thing I found to be working via drag&drop from other apps

Looks like the devs still need to implement the following for a lot of source destinations: Apple’s Drag and Drop UIKit development documentation

I agree that this’ll be increasingly important as more iPhone/iPad users join the fray!



Are there some news on this feature ? It would be amazing if this worked…

I just tried to drag and drop from different drawing apps (Apple Notes, Zoom Notes) : nothing happens when copy/pasting, and with drag and drop the drawing appears a few seconds then disappear.

Actually it’s still work, but…. You should see the “Crussor Blinking” if the crussor doesen blink, so the drag androp text higlite from the a website will dosen work.
This my experience, when i wanna drag and drop text from website i make sure click return 5time atles more than one, it will make easy to know the crussor blinking when I drag some tex from website, if the crusor dosen’t blinking, I will move the text “drag text” around my editing note.

It would be great to be able to paste images on iOS/iPadOS, or drag and drop images from other apps in Slide Over on iPad. In my opinion, this would be the most intuitive ways to add attachments on an iPad, and it would match the behavior on Desktop, where it’s already possible to paste attachments.

Hi guys, any update on this subject ?!

is this done in 1.1.0?

It is not—at least, in my testing, I couldn’t drag and drop e.g., in the file explorer.

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Are there any updates on that FR ?


Hello, is this need acknowledged or planned ? Thanks