Mobile PDF Export

Yesss. I’m trying to write a paper at 11:04pm, it’s due in half an hour, and all I need to do is export it to a pdf so I can convert it in Word. But I don’t have access to a computer right now…

I can still get around this, but it would just be so convenient…

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Adding my support for this. It’s one of the few things that stops my iPad from being a full computer replacement (programming aside); I’m on vacation and have been using Obsidian on my iPad + Android phone, without my computer. It’s worked incredibly well … except for this particular missing feature.



The feature to print PDF documents from mobile would make obsidian perfect for me. When I’m away from my laptop, I would love to be able to do homework and share markdown notes on my iPad or android tablet.

Till then, if anyone has a solution that works and is able to turn images/screenshots embedded in a note file into a printed pdf, I’d be interested. I’m willing to purchase an app as long as it also translates images inside of the markdown without requiring me to manually copy the images.


I would like to try this app for iOS on the road, but feel I should wait until I’m back at base to take a backup of my obsidian vault before proceeding, unless this process is totally safe and independent.

Backing up before experimenting is always a good idea!

That said: the iOS/macOS app relies on a companion community plugin, i.e. everything happens in a “sanctioned” way, there is no side-loading of changing files via the file system or anything.

This feature to print PDF documents from mobile is extremely useful to share Obsidian content with your peers on a timely fashion, BUT ALSO TO LET THEM BE AWARE OF HOW PLEASANT IS OBSIDIAN.

I really do not understand why this feature is still missing.

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100% agree, this is a wonderful feature to have. Just ran into the issue today wanting to share a document with someone and it rendered a bunch of markdown instead of a polished document to send :face_with_diagonal_mouth: . I ended up generating the pdf on my laptop and then sending it, but would’ve been nice to do it directly from my mobile.

+1 for pdf export. The lack of export function is the area that I find most ironic / disingenuous with obsidian’s marketing of “own your notes”: in point of fact, without an export function, you are trapped in the obsidian ecosystem as you don’t have a meaningful way to view or share graphic-rich documents. Sure, markdown is more readable than html, but for intents and purposes, a single markdown file without its images and formatting is not usable for the vast majority of situations that people want to share a document in real world use cases.

Ironically, a proprietary format like apple notes is far more portable in day-to-day use cases, as is a database system like bear, where you have equal “ownership” and access to the raw format via the offline sqlite database of notes on your computer, but the app also supports a robust mechanism for exporting your notes to other platforms.

It’s worth noting that this feature isn’t on their roadmap.

I’m not overly feisty about it; i’m a paying subscriber. Just think it’s funny how the “ownership” of your own notes is so front and center of obsidian marketing, even though objectively users of obsidian have to do exquisite contortions to actually use those documents across multiple platforms.

(And yes, i know perfectly well how to convert my folders of markdown documents into a different format if i wanted to; the point is that it’s a hassle and not particularly intuitive to do, and therefore dissonant from the marketing around the benefit of “local first” platform)

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+1 for pdf export. Exporting the Markdown file with an external tool does not work for me because of the integrated pictures and diagrams. I need an export functionality that creates a pdf file with all integrated assets. As a software developer I write a lot of documentation, tutorials and book excerpts. These I would like to share directly with colleagues via iPad and iPhone.

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I realy would love that too!

+1. As I’ve continued to invest time in creating notes in Obsidian, the ability to export decent-looking PDFs for iOS has become an even bigger pinch point. I’ve migrated some of my journaling from Day One, which is the gold standard here as far as I’m concerned.

+1 bump!

iA Writer (30 $? but I downloaded the APK) is the best alternative to an internal export feature on Android so far for me.
One just has to share the note from Obsidian mobile to iA Writer app.

The downsides are that it doesn’t support Obsidian internal embeds (transclusion of text or images), callouts and the fancy CSS of your theme. It is a paid app, which is certainly a big limitation for some users, especially for the very high price.

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Mobile export pdf is very important,why so slowly?


+1 this is such a basic thing there’s no way this has been hanging for YEARS!!!

Why are we still waiting for this?

That feature would be amazing to have on Obsidian Mobile.

I would like to hear from the Obsidian Team about their standpoint regarding this feature :slight_smile:


+1 / I work together with children that use Obsidian in school on their iPads. Not beeing able to export their work is one of the very few flaws of this great tool.