Mobile PDF Export

Use case or problem

Many other text editors and programs on iOS offer the ability to share a markdown file to PDF, so it can be easily shared with others or even for final edits before publishing. you can find implementations here and here.

Proposed solution

You may be able to rely on Apple’s built in PDFKit to accomplish this, or possibly UIKit.

Current workaround (optional)

Currently I can open the MD files in another program and export from there.


I would also like this as a feature - would be very useful for on the fly sending of info

I would love for this to be added

+1. I was trying to do this on my iPad this morning and had to fallback to the desktop app.

Would love this feature too

Please add this feature.

I would appreciate if you could add this feature. Work around opening in another app “Open in default app: Share” works but is tedious.

+1 for this feature as well.

Really need it, sharing to other app is now a pain as it’s sharing all the markdown control symbols

+1 for Android too. When I use Android’s share feature I can only send the note’s markdown and share with very few apps. It would be great to have a share to Gmail or other apps (Drive, Discord, Whatsapp…).


Great feature request. Are there any news on that please ?

Adding my voice to this. It would be great to generate a PDF from an Android tablet. :+1:

Yes, please? Surprised this feature doesn’t exist!

+1 support for this feature request.
It is useful for sharing notes when using iPad especially, after all, there is keyboard with touch pad for ipad, so the work finished on ipad is supposed to have a similar experience as on desktop.

Would also love this! Sometimes I work and study without a computer and it would be nice to share PDFs of notes I’ve made on my tablet :slight_smile:

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My first impression disappear. Nowadays I’m using computer only in office, outside of office mobile is enough. Creating notes for furniture projects in obsidian on mobile is amazing but lack of printing, is “no go” for switching from onenote. Sometimes I need to share PDF for printing purpose for non obsidian user. I would really appreciate notes printing on mobile. PDF is one of possibilities to achieve it. Could you please add export to PDF feature on mobile?

+1 for Android. Would be great to generate a PDF from an Android tablet.

+1 for this feature

+1 I recently switched from notion and have managed to get my workflow down for both personal and work notes. However I came in contact with this issue recently trying to print out meeting notes for my coworkers not realizing I have to drop my notes back into notion just so I can print them. Do I need to subscribe to Obsidan Publish to get this feature?

Adding my request for this feature to be added. Obsidian is wonderful but I’m really limited if I can’t easily export notes to share with others.