Mobile PDF Export

This would be great for me, as I compile notes through embeddings and then export pdf, so I cannot share my work whenever I am not home (no access to desktop)

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+1 for me.
It would be helpfull to share meeting notes in a blink.
Also share recipe’s of wunderfull dishes :wink:

What app do you use to export to, that will preserve both markdown and images?

The way I am working around this right now is by doing the following:

  1. Export from Obsidian to Scrivener
  2. Then export from Scrivener to Pages using RTF option

This will at least keep markdown format however I have to re-insert images.

+1, this is one of the biggest lacks of iOS version compared to desktop

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Please implement this. It would make the iOS version way more useful for me.

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Template support would be nice . So every exported PDF (also on desktop) looks in the same way.

E.g. users in company’s can add their logo on top of the document etc.

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It would be great if Obsidian for iOS could also offer the ability to share a markdown file to PDF.

There is now a share function with a quick look option to print the raw markdown text. However, the wish for the possibility to print a note with rendered text - like a PDF-Export is not fulfilled.
Will this be added later or is this no longer on the agenda. If not, please think about it again and implement it.


+1 for this feature, to share documents would be very useful! And support for pdf templates too :slight_smile:

+1, i often share notes via mobile and it’s not very nice to send someone raw markdown

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I would also like to show my support for this feature. Can be quite cumbersome to have to go to my comuter to try and export my document to a PDF as I do most of my writing inside Obsidian now.

+1 for this.

Agree 100%
Exporting to PDF / Word etc. is still a nightmare in Obsidian, it should be a part of a core plugin and not depending on external developer and another external tool like pandoc.
I’m using Obsidian in various places, it makes it really difficult to control the settings in a way that export is working everywhere. Currently, it works on Mac, but not on win.

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I would love this too, or even just a way to pinch/zoom to PDFs (any possible way!!)

I got everything setup on three devices and started migrating my data to my vault.
What a surprise when I discovered I cannot share a note (in pdf format) from my iOS device :face_with_diagonal_mouth:
Is this planned or is this a way to force users to subscribe to sync+publish ?

I too would love to see at least PDF export from iOS. The only workaround I have found is to export to PDF in windows, then save the pdf back to a note in obsidian. You can then send this to others from iOS Obsidian. The catch is that you have to have done this previously and not on the road.

Wirhout this feature Obsidian Mobile is a bit useless. I always need to start my Macbook to generate a pdf from a note.

Export to PDF for mobile devices


[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v 1.3.0

Hey there,

I am unable to export my notes in PDF format from my mobile devices which leads to inconvenience often times.
Desktop version got this feature nearly a year ago but still to this date mobile one’s lack this really important feature.
Also I have noticed that the community only pays attention to the desktop version only and I don’t know why mobile is completely ignored.


Until that happens, you can open notes in another mobile markdown editor that exports to PDF. 1Writer and iA Writer work on iOS, and Markor and iA Writer (for example) will probably work on Android.


Ok that’s good will surely use your advice. But eagerly waiting for the mobile version of obsidian to support that (only big issue)