Mobile: Browsing to internal links in properties hides the navigation bar

Steps to reproduce

Create a note with a link to another note in properties. Browse to it and the bottom navigation bar will be hidden (unless the keyboard is shown and then hidden.)

Internal links outside of properties exhibit normal behavior.


can you post a screen recording of this happening in an empty vault? thanks

1st tap is using the in-note “Note” link, 2nd time using the link in properties, note the bottom navbar is missing on the 2nd.



This also happens to me if I modify the date of a property on Android in the sidebar that you can open by sliding right to left.

The navigation bar comes back if I either open the command palate or go to editing mode AND tap somewhere in the file and then going back to preview mode. Just going to editing mode and then back to preview mode on its own does not result in navigation coming back up.

Any updates on this issue? Not fixed in the latest release- Navigation seems integral to the experience.

This is particularly problematic when browsing to PDFs as there is no edit/reader mode to switch to trigger the nav bar to re-appear, the command palette has to be used to close the PDF.


Same issue on Android with version 1.5.12
It happens almost every time I use Obsidian on my phone, and I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

I can reproduce with detailed information provided by OP.
To get the bar back, I also had to switch to edit mode, then make the keyboard appear and go back to preview.

Seems similar to this topic:

If the same issue, they could be merged.

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They are linked apparently

I recently posted the same issue but reproduced with a different set of actions: Bottom toolbar dissapears after selecting any tag (SCREENSHOT)

will be fixed 1.5.14.

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This is long waited for a fix like this one, where the UX is severely impacted :confused:

It appears that it’s still not shipped as of 10 June 2024. I am using the French Google Play Store on a Samsung A52S running Android 14, and it’s stuck at 1.5.12 since 30 March 2024.