Minimal Theme

Thank you very much for answering. Enabling Use strict embedding style globally only removes the blue horizontal line (which I also wanted).

I actually want to remove (or reduce) the indent/margin

I have the same problem as @brucvas, with extremely-indented embeds in reading mode. From the inspector, I determined that it’s attributable to this CSS which applies to a div inside the embed and sets the horizontal margins to auto. The effect is that it calculates an uncomfortably large left margin for embeds if you have something like max-width: 88% (the default).

(Consequently, the embeds even get more and more indented the more you widen the window, because of auto.)

An additional data point: the problem only exists if Obsidian’s core setting Editor > Display > Readable line length is turned off.

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Thank you very much @tsion. Changing the margin to 0 solved my problem. :smiley:

.markdown-reading-view .markdown-preview-view:not(.is-readable-line-width)>.markdown-preview-sizer {
	max-width: var(--max-width);
	margin: 0;
	padding-left: var(--folding-offset);

I use RTL language and new to obsidian. there 2 problems with the minimal theme which is as follows:
1 - The margin on the right side is adjacent to the borders of the note, as in the picture
2 - When I put callout it appears in the center of the page
thank you

Hello! Is there anyway to adjust the look of checkboxes so it looks more like the default theme (in editing view source mode)? The first picture is with Minimal Theme while the second picture is when I switch over to the default theme.



FYI, this issue in the default theme also affects Minimal:

Noticed that the problem was gone today when updating, and checked the release notes for the latest version 6.2.3:

Also fixed formatting of empty tasks in editor to use monospace like the default theme, to better align checked/unchecked checkboxes.

… so thank you :+1:

Hello, does everyone know how to export minimal theme image grids on pdf? For example on reading view I see two images side-by-side but on pdf exported they are just one after the other like obsidian standard theme. Is it possible to “fi” this?

See PDF Export is ignoring YAML CSS class

Thank you @kepano , I’ve read the link you provided but there is no fix from what I understood or not?

That’s correct, it’s an outstanding feature request that hasn’t been implemented yet. Without it, helper classes cannot be applied to PDFs.

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Oh ok, I’ll wait then. Unfortunately from a PDF exporting standpoint obsidian lack quite a bit, not having the option to produce clickable internal link too. Let’s see if this will be implemented. Thank’s @kepano for your help.

Hello I hope I’m not posting my problem in the wrong thread.
I Love Minimal Theme but there is a problem which is really annoying. I use RTL and whenever I’m in editor mode all texts are aligned to right. here is an example:

can someone please help me fix this?

Can the spacing be reduced between normal text and lists that follow for preview mode? In editing it looks normal but when previewing the space becomes a bit excessive.


I just recently started using Obsidian (love it!) and have a question regarding the current Minimal theme and screenshots displayed on the Minimal Guide website.

I completed the following steps outlined on the website:

  • Installed “Minimal” theme
  • Installed companion plugin “Minimal Theme Settings”
  • Installed plugin “Hider”

I then Configured Obsidian for a more “macOS-native appearance”:

  • Obsidian Appearance settings
  • Hider plugin settings
  • Minimal Theme Settings plugin settings

However, for the Minimal Theme Settings plugin, when I turned on “Text labels for primary navigation” the interface does not look the same as the screenshots displayed on the Minimal Guide website.

Instead of a House icon labeled “Notes” … I have a Folder icon labeled “Files”.

The Magnifying Glass icon labeled “Search” is next.

Instead of a Star icon labeled “Starred” … I have a Document icon with no label … and clicking on that icon displays a message “Plugin no longer active. The plugin that created this view (starred) has gone away.”

Below that is a Bookmark icon labeled “Bookmarks” and I’m wondering if that provides the same function as the non-existent Starred icon/label?

Is this difference due to the passing of time? Since it appears that the Minimal Theme was created in 2020.

And how do I remove the non-functional Document icon?

(screenshots attached)

Thanks for your help!


The screenshots are old and have not been updated so that’s the reason for the Notes/Files discrepancy.

The Starred plugin has been deprecated, it is now called Bookmarks. See Obsidian Release v1.2.6 (Insider build)

To remove the File icon right click and close pane. This is probably a remnant of a plugin you installed and removed.

Thank you for the confirmation. Much appreciated!

Hey everyone, is there any way to pinpoint the css bits that render the code blocks in the reading view? I quite like them and I am trying to replicate them in a simple website project of mine.

Hi all, I’ve combed through the Style Settings and tried almost all of them, but can’t seem to figure out how to change the color of the line that separates the main viewer window and the sidebar, does anyone have insight into how to change this?

The selector for those elements appears to be hr.workspace-leaf-resize-handle. You can change the color using CSS in a snippets, such as:

hr.workspace-leaf-resize-handle {
  background-color: red;