Minimal Theme

Got it. I see it now — I was on my phone at the time and the screenshot got squished down :sweat_smile:

Minimal is wonderful; thank you for making it and keeping it current with Obsidian.

I even use Minimal.css as my ‘markdown style sheet’ in DEVONthink. For anyone interested in doing this, I point DEVONthink > Preferences > Files > Markdown > Style Sheet to [vault]/.obsidian/themes/Minimal.css.


Hi @kepano - is there anything in Minimal 3.2.2 that would cause the status bar to float on hover in the centre of the workspace? I have been fumbling around (almost) blindly and the statusbar is no longer fixed at the bottom of the window, and now only appears when I hover over an area in the middle of the Obsidian window. I have poked around in the dev tools… area, and Minimal is currently my most promising lead. Apologies for wasting your time if this is a complete red herring.

I have not encountered this. You should turn off snippets/plugins and restart Obsidian turning them back on one at a time.

Hey I love the theme but on my old iPhone SE and iPad the space above the title is far too big while its far too small on my MacBook:

Is there a way to fix that myself? Thanks in advance.

The MacBook screenshot appears to be working as intended, and follows the conventional height from Apple’s HIG. The iPhone issue is one I hadn’t encountered. The extra space is meant to avoid the notch on newer phones, but I’ll need to see if there’s a way I can target the phones without a notch.

You can definitely make adjustments via CSS snippets. I’d recommend using the Developer Tools as seen in Getting comfortable with Obsidian CSS. It’s worthwhile to learn if you want to make customizations.

Thanks for the reply and looking into the iPhone issue. I briefly looked into snippets and tried to find out which parameter the height above and below the title is but couldn’t, even with the select element tool. Do you know it by heart by any chance?

You will need to run this command in the Developer Tools Console to see the mobile version of the theme:


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Sorry to have bothered you with this. I tracked down a snippet I got off the OMG Discord that seems to have caused this. No idea why, but all is well again. Thanks.

Hello Kepano, first of all Amazing theme!
thank you very much for your time and effort in creating it!

one question to you or anyone that can help.
Is there a way i can see better in which file or note i am working on?
i mean now the title of the note just greys out a bit if i am not in that file…
can i get the line that showed which note i am working on?
or better highlight in grey the whole title?
in which part of the code i can change that?

thank you very much

Really enjoying the theme so far! Just having a slight issue with the Kanban plugin, where checklists are shifted too far to the left and the first non-indented item can’t be checked off in preview mode. Only seems to happening with this theme and was just wondering if there’s a fix. Thanks!

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 11.31.20 am
Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 11.31.30 am

This should be fixed in the latest version of Minimal, thanks!

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Hey! Loving the quiet power of this theme.

Folder names that are too long are out of alignment with shorter folder names, when there isn’t enough space for the full name.


I’ve managed to fix it by disabling width: calc(100% - 16px) on .nav-folder-title, disabling it enforces width: max-content instead



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Hi @kepano I was trying to find if you had a thread for “Advanced Appearance” plugin. Didn’t find it, so posting here. This is about Advanced Appearance plugin.

This may not be an issue, and maybe just not a feature. I change the font size and it works great in Editor mode. But when I go to preview mode, the font size isn’t changed. Is there any setting that can help change in preview mode too? Or am I doing something wrong? I have tried using it with Cybertron theme.

i want to change the special setting for headers level 4-6 back to normal. my css doesn’t change that for some reason, how can i change it?

Version 4.0 of Minimal Theme is here! This is a major update to the theme, and the accompanying plugin, Minimal Theme Settings. Please update both to access all the new features.

Release notes

This update contains hundreds of small improvements, with the overall aim to continue making Minimal feel more native, more consistent, and more accessible across desktop, tablet and phone.

The first thing you will notice when you upgrade to Minimal 4.0, are the beautiful icons used throughout the interface. Buttons across the app have been updated to follow the latest guidelines from macOS Monterey and iOS15. Thank you to Matthew Meyers and Chetachi Ezikeuzor for all their contributions on custom icons for Obsidian.

The new default status bar offers a more minimal design that takes less space, and looks better across background styles. You can switch to the traditional status bar in the Minimal Settings plugin.

Finally, the Obsidian settings screens and plugin browser are improved to make it easier to manage preferences across devices.


  • Custom icons — Thanks to @mgmeyers and @Chetachi
  • Minimal status bar
  • Hover states for buttons match new Apple guidelines
  • Settings panel has been completely revamped to have a more native look on tablets and phones
  • Hundreds of consistency tweaks to fonts, buttons, padding, and more.

Sweet update! Minimal has been my only theme for the past year.

I’d love to use it on Obsidian Publish. Is it possible without (or without a lot of) CSS to port my settings from the Minimal Theme Settings?

I haven’t tried that out yet. I am guessing that 90% of the code is unnecessary for Obsidian Publish, because it’s touching many parts of Obsidian that are not accessible on Publish. There’s no harm in trying it, but I would probably start fresh if trying to develop a theme for Publish, so that the code stays clean.

@kepano Thank you for making the best theme out there, you’re the man! — all your family and friends should be very proud of this amazing accomplishment, I’m not even joking : )

edit: thanks to the collaborators as well, everything is looking great
edit2: now Obsidian give us Wysiwyg! : )


Brush up on CSS it is. Thanks for the great work and your time!