Mermaid: Graphics cut off on PDF export, horizontal scrollbar shown

Steps to reproduce

Make Mermaid graphics, like these:

    title My working day
    section Go to work
      Make tea: 5: Me
      Go upstairs: 3: Me
      Do work: 1: Me, Cat
    section Go home
      Go downstairs: 5: Me
      Sit down: 5: Me
    title Key elements in Product X
    "Calcium" : 42.96
    "Potassium" : 50.05
    "Magnesium" : 10.01
    "Iron" :  5

Export to PDF (I used A4, all other settings default).

Expected result

Graphics resized to text width, and shown in full.

Actual result

Graphics too large, cut off at the right, and a scrollbar shown below in the PDF.


  • Operating system: Linux Mint 20.1/Cinnamon
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.13 (AppImage)
  • Installer version: 0.10.11

Probably related

No activity on this?

possibly related: Pie charts are always centered and very large

Pinged on your thread, but seems fixed in v0.12.3 for me.

Not fixed in 0.12.3 for me.

Graphs seem rather okay, but pies & journeys still much too large.

Nope buddy; I’m using v0.13.23 and still facing the same problem