Mermaid diagram too large

Things I have tried

I have a pretty simple mermaid diagram that looks like the following

         graph TD;
  	     a1["Alice (100 ADA)"];
	     a2["Alice's change  (UTXO1)"];
  	     b1["Bob (50 ADA)"];
	     b2["Bob (UTXO2)"]
	     a1 --> TX1;
	     TX1 --> |90 ADA| a2;
   	     TX1 --> |10 ADA| b2;

and which renders as

What I’m trying to do

I want this diagram/chart to be about 10% of the currently-rendered size. There is too much padding in the boxes and the overall size of the diagram is greater than the width of the text and is really tall (just too large, generally).

I have to themes/CSS snippets applied that would otherwise change the formatting.

I’m on v0.11.13 .

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This seems to be fixed in v0.12.3. Now it looks like

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