Markdown support for the semantic ins HTML tag

Use case or problem

I would like to request markdown support for the semantic <ins> HTML tag, as a complement to the already supported strong, em, and mark tags. The opposing del tag is already supported as well.

I have a vault of notes I am wanting to import into Obsidian that have ++inserted text++ extended markdown, many times combined with other markdown. I would also like to continue to use the double-plus notation for inserted text markup.

Proposed solution

Allow double-plus delimiters in the editor to be interpreted as <ins></ins>. Maybe adding a (off by default) flag in the Editor settings would allow users to avoid undesirable breakage to existing documents.

Current workaround (optional)

I’ve looked into using the <ins> tag itself, but it cannot be used within text that already has markdown. It ends up disrupting the markdown notation.

Related feature requests (optional)

Related feature requests

I could only find requests for adding <u> tag support.

Live Preview: Add support for HTML Underline Tag Rendering

Underline in md file

Underline command

Never mind, I just made a plugin for it.