Underline in md file

hi folks,

I would like to have underline shortcut in markdown just like bold and italic. Ctrl+l would be nice. right now i am using “<ins> text </ins>”. Not convenient as you can see.


Markdown does not have a syntax for underlines. (This could be because the “right” usage of underlines in a print document, aside from hyperlinks, are obscure and uncommon. That is an educated guess.)

I work around this by using Markdown’s == syntax for marking passages in text. At the start of the passage I use == as per normal. At the end of the passage I use ===, which is not correct but serves my purposes. == represents <ins> and === represents </ins>; I flip back and forth between them using find and replace as I prefer in the moment.

A smarter, less flexible solution would be to edit your custom CSS so that <mark> elements are underlined with colorless background rather than highlighted.


You can use more concise html “u” tag instead of “ins” tag.

Or you can support request Customizable interpretation of markdown syntax nuances, like CSS which would allow you to use your own syntax.


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Is there a way to create a hotkey to underline text in Obsidian?

I keep using <u> to underline my text.