Manual Block ID Automatic Updating

Obsidian still doesn’t allow for automatic updating of manual block IDs.

And as others have pointed out, this is a major problem and makes for an important fragility. Others requested this feature back in 2020.

It’s 08.21.2022 and this capability is still absent.

It’s unfortunate this core feature hasn’t been implemented and there’s no plugin.


There is right click menu on blockid for manual rename.

What are you asking here?

I think they want automatic updating of block IDs they have typed (as opposed to the ones Obsidian automatically inserts when you make a block link).

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That’s right. I and many others have requested a feature or plugin that would engage in automatic updating of user-created, or manual, block IDs. To have to do the updating each time and in every instance points to a lot of issues that others have outlined in the other posts referenced above.

Per Obsidian, this is what a manual block ID is:

Manual block IDs
If you want human readable block IDs, you can manually put ^your-id after a block. Make sure there’s at least one space if you’re putting the ID at end of a line. To refer to complex blocks like tables, put the block ID on its own after the block, and make sure there is an empty line both before and after the block ID. After you add the block ID manually, when you refer to that block, your-id will be used instead of a randomly generated block ID. Note that only letters, numbers, and dashes are allowed in manual block IDs.

You are confusing me.

This was implemented. You need to use the right-click menu on the block id.

What @CawlinTeffid is referring to is this

or to a lesser (and more likely) extent


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