Make paste as plain text default?

Is it possible to have Ctrl+V paste as plain text, rather than requiring Ctrl+Shift+V?
I usually forget and have to undo, then paste again.



There isn’t a way currently.

It might make a good feature request, to include this as an editor settings toggle.

Or a feature request to expose “Paste without formatting” as a custom command, so it can be mapped to a different hotkey.

Or perhaps Plugins ideas


+1 i need it too

@JohnAtl @avraam just put this in a template and bind it to Ctrl+V:

<% navigator.clipboard.readText() %>

Boom - always plain text paste.


@AlanG Please tell me what exactly is “template”? And how to insert something in it?

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Templater plugin:

@AlanG I made such a template, added text to it

I connected the plugin that you didn’t specify above, but i messed with Google - Hotkeys for templates and assigned the ctrl+v combination

Now exactly this text <% navigator.clipboard.readText() %> is simplify inserted on ctrl+v

Where did I do something wrong?
P.S.: Could you write STEP by STEP every action necessary for your plan to work, please?

I can see from your screenshot you’re using the core Template plugin, not Templater. This is the setting for “Template”, not for “Templater”:


Check the Templater documentation and also there’s plenty of great Youtube videos on how to set up Templater.

@AlanG Yes, I’ve sorted out templater. I thought we were talking about another bundle, the plugins are too similar, I was guided by this message: How to add multi line breaks in preview mode - #13 by chrsle

Okay, we figured it out, now ctrl+v inserts text! Cool! Thanks!

Now you need to change the behavior of ctrl+shift+v so that the object is inserted (picture, links, etc.)

How to do it? Any thoughts? I googled it, just - doesn’t work

@avraam I’m glad you figured it out :+1:

Unless Obsidian adds a command for the normal paste, there’s probably no easy way to map it to Ctrl+Shift+V.

The next best option would be to simply right-click and choose “Paste”:


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I absolutely despise fancy paste as default in any application. This shouldn’t need a plugin to customize. I like the moderators idea above for it to be in the settings. Please make add this to the feature requests if it isn’t already there.

Similar to the above comment, I hate fancy paste as a default. I’ve found this so annoying that I’ve gone back to using a basic text editor over Obsidian. It’s hard to take notes, and I don’t want to create a template or constantly paste as plain text.

Normally you can switch these around via the Keyboard Shortcuts settings in macOS, but I just tried it, and it behaves weirdly in Obsidian. (UPDATE: Due to the “Auto Link Title” plugin. See below.)

I’ve changed the settings:

The menu shows them switched around:

But if I press shift+cmd+V in an Obsidian document, it does not paste formatted text as expected.

If I click the “Edit” menu to open it and then press shift+cmd+V, it does paste formatted text.

Presumably a bug. Could be good to know this works to switch them around in other apps, though. And if you only care about getting cmd+v for “Paste and Match Style” and don’t care about being able trigger regular formatted “Paste” with a shortcut, you’re fine.

UPDATE: It works as expected in a new empty vault. I’ve tracked the issue down to the “Auto Link Title” plugin (v. 1.5.0). Reported. So if you don’t have that, you probably won’t see this quirk.

I’m back to Obsidian, lol
Thanks for this!

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