[macOS] Pastes file names from Finder instead of adding files to notes

Steps to reproduce

You will need an Obsidian note and default macOS Finder.app

  • Select file(s) in Finder and press Cmd+C
  • Paste files to note with Cmd+V

Expected result

Files added to vault and referenced in note.
And it actually happens for Linux and Windows

Actual result

On Mac only text filenames will get added to note.


  • Operating system: Tested on macOS Catalina/Big Sur
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.13

Additional information

It is a low priority problem because you can always use drag-and-drop.

I am sure the expected behavior is possible and this rather a bug and not a limitation of MacOS Finder.app.
I discovered the bug while working on my Imgur plugin for pasting images

With Imgur plugin the image gets uploaded to remote and the name of the file gets pasted below, like this:


Can you post a screen recording of this behaviour on the help vault?

Does it happen only with all files you try to copy? pdfs? mds?

You are sure how?

Happens for any files copied from Finder.app (default Mac OS app, like explorer.exe on Windows)

If I enable my Imgur plugin, it manages to capture image and upload it. That’s why I said I am sure it is possible to paste image with clipboard from Finder.app. Attaching more detailed gif below.

  • First I try to copy-baste 3 files using buffer, but Obsidian only pastes file names (subject of this bug)
  • Then I activate my plugin and it manages to upload the image (This proofs that it is possible to get data from buffer copied from Finder.app)
  • 3rd scenario: I disable my plugin (revert default Obsidian behavior) and demonstrate that on drag-and-drop event Obsidian adds files to the note as expected. The same is expected from copy-paste, but on Mac copy-paste leads to plain text file names pasted without any actual files pasted (again, subject of this topic)

Same issue.

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I think this was fixed. Can anybody confirm?

Still not fixed in 0.12.5

0.12.9, I tested with .png and .pdf, and it is still pasting the name, not a link to the file.

Oddly - and possibly related to @Kir 's note about using the Imgur tool - if I use Alfred’s Clipboard History feature, instead of regular pasting, it actually does paste as a file.

In that tool, it saves it as a “File: foo.jpg” file buffer. And that pastes as a link in Obsidian.


Is this still happening? we can’t repro anymore.

Yep, still happening for me.

0.13.28, MacOS. I copy a .jpg file from Finder with Cmd-C. I paste in Obsidian Cmd-V. It pastes the name. Not the image, nor a link.

@rigmarole reach out to licat in chat.

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Will be fixed 0.13.29


Using 0.13.30 now. Confirming that it’s not reproducible anymore

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