Paste file/folder names as text

What I’m trying to do

Paste a list of files/folders as text similar to how the Notes app does

Things I have tried

Go to Finder, select a bunch of files and/or folders, copy, paste in Obsidian (Paste and Match Style or Paste as plain text).

This is not pasting anything.

You can see what I’m trying to do by checking this screenshot from another user:

He copies the file and when he pastes it, it pastes the filename, which is what I want to do. I’m not trying to paste the file itself, that’s why I was using Paste and Match Style or Paste as plain text. None of these work, not even the normal Paste.

Note: the only thing that works is if I select a file (not a folder) and hit Paste. It will paste the file, but none of the other options to Paste work. So basically:

Copying and pasting 1 file:
Paste: works, pastes the file
Paste and match style: doesn’t work
Paste as plain text: doesn’t work

Copying and selecting 1 or more files OR folders:
None of the paste options work

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