Links within the current note

Allow “header” links within the current note. Syntax


Action on link following would be to position cursor to that point


I’d love something like this!

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Or have a toc thing like [@[email protected]] or something that auto-generates this since they already are able to generate links and stuff from content.


@spacejunky this will likely be implemented in the future.


Possibly related request


Funny, initially I read that request as link a relationship/aggregator link, as in the “[[Bad Ideas]]” & “[[Good Execution]]” are connected by let’s say a “Related Concepts” link. Which I guess would automatically put backlinks of “[[Bad Ideas]]” & “[[Good Execution]]” in a [[Related Concepts]] note. And in this instance of “[[Good Execution]]” perhaps a indicator would show that there’s multiple links connected to this link?

But links that point to positions within note would be useful too.

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In other markdown apps that support HTML it is possible to link within the current note by using some simple syntax:

  1. establish an anchor wherever you want by typing <a name="anchorname"></a>
  2. then, from anywhere in the note create a link with [some text](#anchorname).
    One can then click on the link created in step 2 and is taken to the anchor.
    I use this feature quite a lot.
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I use this occasionally too. I really wish there was an accepted markdown shorthand for creating an anchor.

Making headings “anchors” isn’t a bad idea

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Perhaps highlights too?

A plugin button to move through your “bookmarks” in the panel (be it highlights, anchors, headers, etc)?

How does the star plugin work currently?

I really wish there was an accepted markdown shorthand for creating an anchor.

That’s why I referred to other markdown apps that do support the method I mentioned. Examples: Typora, VNote, ………

I hope it will be implemented in Obs.

Sorry for my late reply.

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The <a> tag as anchor is a HTML thing, not a markdown thing (though it works because the markdown gets translated into HTML anyway)

To clarify, I support the idea of [text](#anchor) for linking to anchors, I was just lamenting the lack of a markdown-y way of making an anchor to link to.

1 Like I know it’s HTML, and that is the beauty of many markdown apps: they support HTML elements too, as does Obs. Unfortunately Obs does not support the anchor one - yet (?).

+1 on this. Having all headers automatically get an anchor tag would be incredibly useful, if only to be able to link to a specific section within a document. It’s already supported by GitHub Flavoured MarkDown -

I want to reiterate that this is planned and a priority for us.
We will have [[#heading]], just like we have [[note#heading]],
and we will have more tools to manage references nicely.


Amazing, thank you. I’ve fallen in love with Obsidian within a day of starting with it.

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I am very interested in this, and I hope to find a way to link anchor style between documents too! It would be amazing!

What the OP requested has already been implemented.

Is there an option you need to switch on for this?

I’ve tried everything mentioned, the only thing that works for me is using HTML for both ends of the named reference.

<a href="#TemplateClass">Template class</a>
<a name="TemplateClass"></a>

Obsidian 0.8.1

Not sure if I understand your issue, but it is possible to link to a header in the current note by doing [[#headername]].

When you start typing, at [[# you’ll be presented with a list of all the headers in that note. You can click on the one you want.

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Thank you @Klaas, typing [[# and choosing from the list worked for me.

How do you make it so the link doesn’t display as #headername ?